Types of BP Card Supported by MyBPCreditCard Login

MyBPCreditCard Login supports every BP Credit and reward cards. British petroleum offers 4 types of BP cards to the customers. Every card has different features and advantages. Read this article to explore more about other BP cards that can access MyBPCreditCard login portal and their benefits.

Types of BP Card Supported by MyBPCreditCard Login

BP Card Supported

There are four types of BP Cards available in the market. Two of them are credit cards and the other two are discounts or rewards cards. Here is the list,

BP Credit Card

This BP Card allows customers to save more money with fuel at BP Gas stations. They offer an exclusive discount to those customers who have BP Credit card. Customers get assured 5¢ off on every gallon of fuel purchase at bp and Amoco stations. They can also get a 1% discount on any other purchases at bp and Amoco stations.

BP Visa Credit Card

This card has similar rewards and discounts but it’s a Visa-approved card. Customers can use this card at any place where Visa cards are accepted. Customers can get 10¢ off a gallon on every purchase of fuel at bp and Amoco stations. Additionally, they will receive 3% cash back on other purchases at bp and Amoco stations. Users also get 1% discounts on every purchase they made outside their designed stations of BP and Amoco stations.

BP Fleet Cards

This BP card is designed for businesses that have a fleet of cars. BP offers additional discounts and rewards to those businesses which fuel their cars at BP Gas stations. There are two types of BP Fleet Cards, BP Business Solutions Mastercard Program and BP Business Solutions Fuel Plus Program. Both of them have different features and benefits. Businesses can Save up to 6¢ with volume-based rebates and Accepted at thousands of BP or Amoco branded locations in the U.S. other than that, they offer exclusive data of usage and consumption, track miles per gallon and more.

BP Gas Gift Card

This BP Gift card allows any user to gift other people a gift card which can be used to purchase fuel at BP and Amoco stations.BP Gift Cards do not charge dormancy fees and never expire. These cards are used for fuel, car wash, food and more at any of the thousands of BP and Amoco stations.

Customers can access any of those cards at MyBPCreditCard Login. They can also use the BPme app for android and iOS to keep track of their My BP credit cards. In this article, we have provided information about different BP cards that can access MyBPCreditCard Login portal. If you have any questions regarding other BP cards, ask us in the comment section.